The Legendary Shots

The Legendary Shots

The Legendary Shots

These four videos contain our very best basketball shots. We'll let them speak for themselves. Enjoy!

The Legendary Shots Volume 4

The Legendary Shots Volume 3

The Legendary Shots Volume 2

The Legendary Shots Volume 1

The Legendary Shots

TLS News/Updates


After 5 months, TLS4 is finally here! The Legendary Shots Volume 4 is the best TLS video yet, with shots out of cars, in stadiums, off trampolines, and more. Take a look here.


Our fourth Hampton Inn basketball commercial goes on the air today! It features a soccer kick, a football snap off a wall, and an out-the-window shot off a gutter. Watch for it, especially on college basketball games. Check it out here.


There are 125,000 orphans in the United States. There are 300,000 churches. Our goal: A home for every child in America.

Coming Soon

More HD Shots

We recently got an HD camera, so keep an eye out for more shots in high definition. Especially look for an "HD shots of TLS4" video soon.

Our HD camera

Best of TLS 1-4

We've compiled all of the best shots from volumes 1-4 of The Legendary Shots into one awesome video. Are you pumped? I'm pumped.